Band Programs

Seymour High School Band Philosophy


First and foremost, this program exists to give students a quality music education through performing arts.  Music is an integral fabric of the human experience.  The study and performance of music not only creates aesthetically pleasing experiences, but also gives a glimpse of culture and history.  Music contains an abundance of intrinsic value that merits study.  In our eyes, marching competitions are only one component of our vast amount of musical and performing experiences.  While some of the secondary ensembles will require more time and attention (aka marching band), they all hold high musical merit and enrich our overall experience in their own way.

***Please note that color guard and winter guard are not required to participate in concert band, so they work on their own terms according to Mr. Franklin***


Performing Ensembles
Concert Bands (Symphonic Band & Concert Band)

All band members will be placed in 1 of 2 CONCERT bands (or percussion class) based on their grade level, playing ability, overall contribution to the band program, or based on the need of the 2 CONCERT groups.  The concert bands meet during the school day. And students will receive a grade each grading period.  The CONCERT band is our core ensemble.  All students (with exception of color guard and incoming freshmen) must participate in the concert bands to be eligible to participate in the marching band the following season.  In addition to rehearsing and performing music, students will cover written and aural music theory topics.  All performing and theory topics covered in this class will apply to all other ensembles.


Marching Band

The Seymour high School Marching Band is the most visible performing ensemble.  This group performs at all football games, several parades, several competitions, and at our Christmas Concert.  This group’s main entertainment comes from performing halftime of each football game, and in the stands at each game.  All Marching Band participants must attend the summer workouts and 2 week band camp to learn music and drill.  Once School begins, the Marching Band will rehearse after school on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 3:15-6:00 pm until the end of the contest season.  To be eligible for the Marching Band, each student must be enrolled in the class and pay all camp fees.


Jazz Band

Jazz Band is one of our most prized performing ensembles.  Students who wish to be in this group must audition for a spot in Jazz Band A, or Jazz Band B (if needed).  Jazz band meets after school when it is convenient for most members to attend.  All practices, once they are set, are mandatory.  The Jazz Band will also be responsible for playing at select basketball games; these dates are included on the band’s master schedule.  These groups will play a variety of styles, study music theory, and learn improvisation techniques.


Drum-Line, Percussion Ensemble and Indoor Percussion

All percussionist students will be placed onto a spot for the Marching Drum-Line and Indoor Percussion.  These spots are set from auditions by professional percussionist.  In order to march with the Drum-Line at football games, students must be enrolled in the fall band class.  Indoor Percussion students must be in the spring percussion class.  The percussion ensemble will be split among all percussionists.  Percussion students will be required to play a variety of instruments (including marimba and vibes) during the school year on the way to making them a well rounded percussionist. All students must have the proper mallets and sticks in order to be part of the group.


Color Guard and Winter Guard

The Color Guard is an integral part in our Marching Band.  They provide a visual representation to the music on the field.  They also show student pride in the bleachers.  Members will audition in April/May before the up coming season.  Spots in the Color Guard and Winter Guard will be by auditions from professional instructors.  Students in the Fall Guard must be in the Fall Guard class that meets during school, and attend all after school rehearsals.  Students in the Winter Guard must attend all practices after school and on the weekends.  All Guard members will up-hold the highest level of respect and maturity while performing or being a part of the Seymour Guard.


Pep Band

The Pep Band plays at select basketball games each year.  While the jazz band will be mostly responsible for covering these performances, the full band can expect to play at 2 rival games each year.


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